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Alice Adventures

upcoming - May 2012

Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House London

Music for A Chance to Dance, May 2012

The Guardian Podcasts

upcoming - May 2012

BodyPod, the Eye Series - Online

with Silvia Mercuriali and Dominic Ffythce

25th AES Conference and Ambisonics Symposium

March 2012

Poster Presentation

At the University of York, for the 25th AES UK Conference: Spatial Audio in Today s 3D World, in association with the4th International Symposium on Ambisonics and Spherical Acoustics, I presented a paper in the form of a poster, as part of my PhD research at Goldsmiths University. The title was Sonic Choreography for 2D and 3D Surround Sound Environments -

Scratched - The Ticket Theatre Dance

January 2012

The Place, London

Soundtrack for "Scratched" by Dancer and Choreographer Lexi Bradburn, performed at the Place for Resolution 2012 here.

Untitled - Alice Bariselli

July 2011

Trinity Laban, London

Under supervision of Tony Thatcher I wrote music in 3D Surround Sound for Alice Bariselli Untitled, created for her final thesis at Laban.

Backing Dancers - The Ticket Theatre Dance

February 2011

The Place, London

Created the soundtrack for "Backing Dancer" by Dancer and Choreographer Lexi Bradburn, performed at the Place for Resolution 2011 event. THe soundtrack consisted of new arrangements of famous songs of the 50-70, by artists such as Frankie Valli, Dean Martin and Charles Trenet. I will be posting some extracts as soon as they will be available, here.

PhD at Goldsmiths University

October 2010

Goldsmiths College, London

I have finally started officially at Goldsmiths a PhD on 3D surround sound and Sound Choreography. I have setup a dedicated website, which is actually under construction (the new one will be up soon), and a blog. THe blog is the more up-to-date.

Dean Gibbons and the knowledge of Death

October 2010

Inconvenient Spoof Productions

The soundtrack for the theatre show Dean Gibbons is ready and will be performed at Camden's People Theatre from 24th November until 11th December.
THe Show is a hilarious dark comedy on evolutionary theories and conspiracies! Please check the company's website for videos promos and images.

Dance Music

October 2010

New Collaborations

In September 2010 I have participated at a workshop organised by South East Dance for 6 choreographers and 6 composers. Outcome is 3 new collaborations, with Katie Keeble, Nadine McLean and a work in progress with Heather Caruso still at preliminary stage. Possibly I'll be setting up a piece with Nadine Mclean to be performed in festivals in New Zealand thi scoming march.
A new collaboration has just started with Lexi Bradburn for her performance to be held at the Place on February 2010

Soundtracks update

October 2010

Short Films Soundtrack

In the past spring-summer I have been working on several independent short films, mostly demos by young filmmakers. For Alvaro Quetzal I made a full lenght jazz song with piano doublebass, featuring on the trumpet and flughorn Dimitris Moudopoulos.
There are at the moment 2 other works in progress with a movie about Kyogen theatre, by Edward Dallal edited by Assaf Yossifoff and one by Dee Meaden, at finalization stage. I'll post some video links as soon as they are available.

Last but not the least I am preparing the music for another short art-animation film by Umberto Voci for his multimedia website

HHOTG published and on sale now

April 2010

Hitchhikers of the Galaxy - Stories from Earth

HHOTG first Album, a middle way between an EP and LP. You can download the album here .
Dedicated website

Record Release

March 2010

Hitchhikers of the Galaxy first Demo

HHOTG first Album, a middle way between an EP and LP. Sounds good, and at the moment is at the mastering studios with Tenth Egg engineer. Publication soon, check here for updates.

Short Film Soundtrack

February-March 2010

Quetzal by Alvaro Gago

Preparing jazz atmospheres for Alvaro's portfolio movie, for his course project at Met Film School

Short Film Soundtrack

January 2010

Joe Palla

Preparing some music for JoeUmbers' disturbing videos at

Royal Opera House

Jan-Feb 2010

Kristen's Investigations Part II

Working for the sound editing of a new show by Kristen McNally for a charity show to be held at Sadler Well's in February. More updates soon.

Short Film Soundtrack

NOv-Dec 2009

The Silence at the Song's End

Directors Tjan Judy and Assaf Yossifoff invited me to write the soundtrack for their short film The Silence at the Song End" that tells the unfortunate and tragic story of Nicholas Heiney short life.

Royal Opera House

July 2009

Kristen's Investigations

For Yes we did it and On another Planet I gladly worked as a sound designer and editor/producer with the nice Kristen McNally. They were short 10 minutes pieces, some of the most interesting stuff at the ROH Clore studio in 2009. Ah ah! ;p

Notations 21

June 2009

Viva Theresa!

Once Theresa appeared and proposed the publication. After a long time, there comes the book, sincerely as expected, very nice publication and I am glad to be part of it!

Back on track

May 2009

Darren & Andree

Came back a couple of old style jobs: Darren and Andree, with their commercials and documentaries. Really nice things, in their field. Want to see how it goes on.

Never ending CD

iXem Prize

Composition for the Album has restarted, the goal is to end it on 1st August to send for publication. Hard work, but ideas are flourishing.


14th April 2009

Dance with Lexi and Okan

Finally we made it: we setup a rehearsal room in okan's place and we tried our first experiences with dance and 3D sound. It really worked well for certain aspects, we definitely need taller stands, and a bit more resistant (2 of them broke!!). Beside that, I now know how far we can go and how to write for this setup. Thanx to Lexi and 1000 times thanx to okan again.

Wu Chia Chi

April 2009


Finished the music for that lovely short film by CHia CHi, a good friend and an extraordinary artist.

King's Place

14th April 2009

Axis Mundi Live

For s.p.n.m's Sound Source Tuesday Events, a Live performance of my first ever performed piece in 3D. Well done, a world of new sound discoveries, as the Hall number 2 was so good to try it out. Video by Nora Razian.